Referring Patients

How to Refer a Patient to the PediCODE consortium

For Clinical Care

The clinical sites of the PediCODE consortium welcome the opportunity to evaluate patients with possible congenital diarrheas and provide advice to referring physicians. Patients may be referred for a variety of reasons including:

  • Second opinion regarding a diagnosis;
  • Advice regarding further evaluation and management;
  • Obtaining genetic testing / whole exome sequencing
  • Assumption /transfer of care;
  • Evaluation for potential participation in ongoing research studies.

    The clinicians in the PediCODE consortium are experienced in the co-management of patients with CODE disorders at referring medical centers. We welcome the opportunity to help with the initial evaluation and then periodically re-evaluate the patient but leave the day-to-day management to the referring physician. Often these re-evaluations can coincide with research visits or obtaining research samples.

To refer a patient to a PediCODE Center, please fill out the referral form below and a provider will contact you.

Alternatively, you can contact consortium members directly – please see our Consortium Centers page

For Research Participation

To refer a patient for enrollment in our Biorepository or other research studies, simply contact the primary research investigator or administrative personnel at the nearest consortium site directly. For a list of staff at each center please see our Consortium Centers page

Research contacts at each center are listed below:


You can also always contact the Consortium Director at

If your patient is already enrolled in the study and you would like to send a sample to us please fill out the Sample Shipment form.

Patient Referral Form

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    Sample Shipment Form

    Please Note: Please either complete a Patient Referral Form and/or discuss with consortium investigators before sending any samples.
    Each Container must be labelled with a PediCODE participant ID. Consortium research coordinators can also help with shipping details.

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